Did you know that your only complete health record is in your hands?

HealthKeeper book.Take control of your own health record quickly and easily, and confidently locate details of the information anytime you need it.  With HealthKeeper, you get peace of mind, greater safety, and you’re in charge of your own health.

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HealthKeeper  =  Peace of Mind

As our population ages, we are all either caregivers or will need a caregiver. Unforeseen accidents happen, life changes in a flash. You think you will remember, but in times of stress, we often become forgetful – and the answers to simple questions can escape us. Having everything easily accessible in one place makes sense, and will release you from the stress of searching, digging, or wondering where to find the answers.  With HealthKeeper, you have the answers at your fingertips for yourself and those you love.

HealthKeeper  =  Safety in Health Care

Our health care system is stretched. There is no complete, centralized record keeping. HealthKeeper’s holistic record gives your heath care providers all the information they need to give you optimum care.  Take it with you to appointments with your health care providers so you don’t forget important details they need; record symptoms, medications, and herbal supplements so there is a complete record for your pharmacist; put HealthKeeper in your carry-on when you travel in case of an emergency.  With HealthKeeper, you can give any health care provider all the information they need to help you – even if you can’t tell them yourself.

HealthKeeper  =  Taking Charge of Your Health

A patient-centered approach to health care records is a shift in thinking. Family doctors have historically kept patient health records; however, many no longer have a family doctor, opting for drop-in clinics. Also, the increasing use of alternative practitioners may not be documented. Where are your medical records stored? Provinces are investigating centralized record keeping; however the sheer amount of information makes this an overwhelming project. The best solution? Be proactive. Become personally responsible for maintaining your own records.  Each of us will ultimately require caregivers and there is a real need for each of us to claim responsibility to keep a record of our health beginning now. It began as a simple to use book providing support for elder or chronic care. HealthKeeper has become a proactive and empowering choice for everyone, regardless of age or current state of health.

Remember – your only complete health record is in your hands.