HealthKeeper’s First Breaths!

The new baby has arrived – no – not another grandbaby, but one of the two books I have been writing over the past year! (watch for the Hay House book on Belief Re-patterning in April 2012)

The idea for HealthKeeper happened following a visit to a specialist with my mom last year. She’s not able to keep track of things on her own, so I decided to make a book for her…and it grew into HealthKeeper: The One Place for Everything Regarding Your Health.

It has been an exciting year of making the prototype for my parents, and then realizing the need was greater than a record-keeper for care givers. Everyone, (including me and you) needs this handy, easy to use tool for keeping track.

As I consulted with health care providers, they added suggestions and ideas, and they all agreed: this is a much needed resource.

Thank you to Cynthia at ¡Orale! Design Studios for creating the fabulous website, and Fred Dettmers at Alberta Trade Bindery for mentoring me through the self-publishing world. I learned a lot!

The on-line store is up and running, the books are ready to ship. Let us take care of your holiday shopping – We’ll even wrap it!

Check out our on-line store, and watch for announcements of Book Launch sites in your area.

I’m excited to support the people I love and care about this way.

Remember – your only complete healthcare record is in your hands.

Who will you give HealthKeeper to?

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