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Want to be a HealthKeeper Affiliate?

You know lots of people who need this book, you have a mailing list of people who know and trust you, and you have a website to host our logo.

Our vision is a HealthKeeper for everyone, and we need enthusiastic caring people to help us spread the word. No cost or obligation to you, you’ll receive a generous reimbursement for every HealthKeeper sold through someone coming to our site through your unique affiliate link.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of offering HealthKeeper to your mailing list, without the muss and fuss of having to ship or deliver – we’ll take care of that and deliver the orders directly to your associates, friends, clients and family.

By joining our affiliate program, you will be able to create a unique affiliate link to any product in our store using your affiliate ID.  Add these links to your website where you think they will generate the most sales.  You can also use the unique affiliate links in email messages to alert those on your mailing list to HealthKeeper, and generate income for yourself if they purchase within 30 days using the link you sent them.

Affiliate rates begin at 10% for the first 50 sales tracked through your site. As your sales increase, so does your affiliate rate. We offer 20% beginning at your 51st book sold, and for every one thereafter.

Affiliate reimbursements are made the 15th of every month for the month prior.

New Affiliates

If you are signing up online, please follow the steps below to become a HealthKeeper Affiliate.  If you already have an affiliate account, go directly to the login page.

1.       Make up an affiliate ID
This will be the unique identifier that will be visible to those using your affiliate links.  For privacy, we suggest an alphanumeric ID that you can remember.  For example, if your name is "Bob Mason", you could create BM123456 as a unique ID.

2.       Sign up using the Affiliate ID you created
On the affiliate login page, click GO to open a new affiliate account.  Fill in the online form including the unique affiliate ID you chose in step 1.  Please allow up to 2 business days to process your request.

3.       Select a product from our store to feature on your website or through an email mailout
Go to the page for the product so you can copy the URL from the address bar in your web browser.

4.       Create your unique Affiliate link
Add your affiliate ID to the URL for the product in this format (replace yourID with your own unique affiliate ID):

5.       Use the unique affiliate link to sell the product
Add the unique affiliate link you created to your site where you want to feature the product.  Add the unique affiliate link in an email to promote the product in an email mailout.

Login to your affiliate account whenever you want to check your  sales report .  The sales listed in the report are tentative as commissions are only paid on finalized, paid sales.

If you need further assistance, please contact the HealthKeeper office.

Join us today.

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