The Author

“Twenty-five years ago, I relied on my parents to support me through a debilitating chronic illness. Now, I ‘m one of their care-givers. From this unique perspective comes HealthKeeper. Your health is your most valuable asset. This book is a loving gift to yourself and an empowering one for everyone you care about!”
Suze Casey (MEd), Author of HealthKeeper

Author, teacher, radio host, speaker, and entrepreneur, Suze’s background is extensive and diverse. Her academic achievements include a Masters of Education in Learning Styles and Curriculum Development, with a minor in Psychology. Following a twenty-year career as a public school educator and university instructor, she developed the Belief Re-patterning technique, and has a thriving practice based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since 2001, Suze has supported others to learn, grow, and embrace their potential through consultations, coaching, keynotes, courses, and corporate seminars. She is committed to assisting others to overcome their challenges and live their lives purposefully.

This commitment is evident in HealthKeeper. A tool for supporting individuals in claiming personal responsibility for their health. Informed by her own experience and the stories of those who use it, Suze is passionate about HealthKeeper and excited to bring it to your workplace or organization.

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