Overview and Introduction:

  • In Case of Emergency
  • Who needs a HealthKeeper?
  • How to Use HealthKeeper
  • A Pharmacist’s Point of View
  • A Note from the Author

 1. Vital

For you: a handy place for all the contact information you use regularly
For your caregivers: support in times of stress
For your Healthcare Providers: a way to know your wishes when you can’t speak for yourself

  • Legal Documentation
  • Levels of Intervention/Organ Donation
  • Caregiver Contacts
  • Family Contacts
  • Healthcare Providers

2. Background

For you and your caregivers: remember it once, then copy it whenyou need to fill out new forms
For your Healthcare Providers: a way to see patterns that may help them help you

  • Allergies
  • Brief Medical History
  • Family Medical History
  • Medical Support Devices
  • Short Term Medical Conditions
  • Chronic Medical Conditions

3. Appointments

For you: keep track of what you are experiencing as a memory aid when you are at appointments
For your caregivers: a place to record what they are observing
For your Healthcare Providers: a holistic overview of your healthcare

  • Annual Medical Check-upPages from HealthKeeper book showing annual and appointment tracking.
  • Blood Work and Tests
  • Dental Visits
  • Eye Exams
  • Other Annual Appointments
  • Symptoms Overview
  • Symptom Notes/Appointment Summaries
  • General Notes

4. Medications

For you and your caregivers: a tracking system for your medications
For your Healthcare Providers: a time-lined overview of all your medications, including vitamins and herbal supplements that may interact with each other

  • Drug Related Challenges
  • Immunization Records
  • Short Term Medications
  • Ongoing Medications
  • Health Insurance and Drug Plan Tracking

5. Resources

For you and your caregivers: practical suggestions, directions, and step-by-step how tos
For your Healthcare Providers: an overview of the resources you are tapped into and an opportunity to provide you with additional suggestions

  • Medicine Cabinet Clean-up
  • Medication Review
  • Build a relationship with Your Pharmacist
  • Online Resources
  • Community Resources
  • Travel Health Insurance


Remember – your only complete health record is in your hands.