In my early thirties I was challenged by a chronic illness, and found myself unable to remember specific dates, or process information effectively, including advice and suggestions of my health care providers. Overnight I became reliant on family and friends to get me to appointments, keep track of all the information I received, and deal with day-to-day living. Fortunately I regained my health and reclaimed my ability to care for myself.

Twenty-five years later, I am now in a supportive role with my aging parents. I know first hand just how challenging it can be for active, autonomous and independent individuals to let others help and support them. The idea for HealthKeeper began one day in a specialist’s office. I was accompanying my mom. We were both overwhelmed and a bit confused by all the follow-ups that had been requested, and I was frustrated by how my mom was treated by some of the people in the office. I understood they were rushed and likely stressed, but I decided there had to be a more honouring and empowering way to support my aging parents. Several appointments needed to be booked with more specialists, and I realized our family needed a way to easily manage and keep track of who was driving mom or dad to what appointments, and communicate the information that needed to be shared with their health professionals and each other. I started a notebook, then I recognized many of my friends were in the same position, and could also benefit.

Through conversations and consultations with families, caregivers, healthcare providers, and individuals needing care, I pulled together useful information and created easy to follow charts to gather both medical and personal information. I incorporated helpful tips for managing the changes that will occur for all of us at some point. As I spoke with friends, I realized every one of us, regardless of our current state of health, needs a place to keep track, and HealthKeeper fills that need.

I’m thrilled to make HealthKeeper available through the online store – order your copy today and begin taking charge of your own health.

Remember – your only complete health record is in your hands.